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Class Descriptions
Class Descriptions
Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi

Classical Flow Yoga
This class encompasses all aspects of life and aims to achieve a higher level of consciousness by practicing the Eight Fold Path of Yoga. All levels are welcome! Modifications will be provided for beginners as well as more challenging alternatives for the intermediate to advanced student. This class is a  balanced offering of effort and surrender in the poses, created with the intention of leaving you feeling more balanced.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa is an inner strength based practice beginning with an easy warm up, sun salutations, and a series of poses including balances and inversions, designed to work the body to the core, helping to loosen the joints, and get the blood flowing. In this class you will synchronize breath with movement and move through energizing pose sequences with emphasis on ease and grace. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. Students will awaken their strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere. There will always be modifications, so you can work at the level best suited for giving you a joyful stimulating experience. Good for most levels.

Pure Pilates
An accessible yet challenging class that will take you through the five principles of Pilates using the STOTT method. Be ready to improve postural alignment, deepen body awareness, strengthen your core, expand flexibility, and brighten your mood.

This fusion class of yoga and Pilates combines strengthening the core and proper breathing, while eliciting the meditational and flexibility benefits of yoga. The best of both worlds!

Precision Pilates
Come and enjoy this invigorating workout! Improve your strength and flexibility, while learning to move with greater ease and efficiency. Using classical Pilates movements, this class focuses on the six key Pilates principles of breath, centering, mindfulness, control, precision and flowing movements. Pilates mat-work is fun and challenging, no matter your fitness level! Join us!

Invigorating Yoga
Start your day with a yoga class that will invigorate and inspire you! This class is a dynamic blend of poses that will enhance your energy and improve your fitness. Designed as an intermediate-level class, modifications will be given for all levels.

Power Vinyasa Yoga
Strength and Power -- This class is a traditional power yoga and vinyasa yoga together. With strong breathing emphasis this intermediate class is a challenge while being still available to all levels of students who are looking for a strong class. The class promotes depth of spirit and empowerment with heart opening, graceful and energizing meditative sequences. Plenty of heating up by holding poses and exploration of intermediate and advanced postures. Still leaves time for detailed instruction. Will leave you warm, stretched, and completely relaxed.

Align to Refine Yoga
Align to Refine Yoga will be focused on detailed alignment, including hands-on assists and demonstrations by Sati.

Restorative Yoga

With Sati: Restorative yoga is often referred to as "active relaxation" and "restful yoga". Rest is different than sleep, conscious rest is in fact a form of meditation. One can be actively restful to reduce stress and experience profound bliss. Restorative yoga involves restful positions that activate the parasympathetic nervous system which stimulates the immune system and promotes health of the endocrine system. The use of inverted poses rearranges hormones and lowers blood pressure, as well as counter-balances the day-long effects of gravity on the body. Using basic props and hands on assistance, Sati will guide you through a handful of relaxing postures also engaging a deeply meditative state which can rejuvenate, realign, and renew your spririt and body.

Slow Flow Yoga
In this one hour class we move basic, slow, and mild yoga poses into a deep relaxation. With a focus on grounding the body we will then move into a deep place of concentrated meditation using very gentle on the floor sequencing.

Tai Chi
The Wu Tang system of martial arts training teaches body dynamics and the cultivation of qi through exercise. Practitioners attain awareness and clarity to lead to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Gentle Yoga

This yoga class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle and restorative practice. Deep restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility, reduces pain and the effects of stress. All levels welcome.


Yoga for Life
This stress reduction class uses diaphragmatic breathing, and encourages a more calm and focused mind. Every other week is devoted to strengthening the core by using the stability ball and doing balancing poses.

Cardio & Toning

Mid-Day Cardio Jolt
Who needs coffee for that afternoon pick-me-up? Drop into Mid-day Cardio Jolt for one hour of circuit training, weightlifting and cardio. This class promises to give you everything you need to boost you through your day!

Zumba & Weights
This popular Latin dance-based aerobics class is guaranteed to get your heart racing. A highly motivating class set to great music.

Flip Fitness
Flip Fitness uses a distinct deck of playing cards to provide you with a total body cardio workout based on the luck of the draw! The deck contains 52 cards, 2 water breaks, 3 workout cards (Levels 1, 2 and 3). Flip Fitness requires no exercise equipment and can be done in virtually any space! It is designed to meet the needs of the beginner exerciser to the workout guru as well as anyone in between.

"ABdomination" class with Cris Schwartz, a FitLife personal trainer, offers a fast and informative 30-minute workout that focuses on upper and lower abs, obliques, intercostal and serratus muscles, with an additional body part alternated each week. This class combines minimal rest and an assortment of super sets to build one step closer towards optimal torso strength and development.

Broken into twenty-minute intervals of sculpting, cardio, and abdominal work/stretching, this class promises a great all around workout targeting those troublesome areas!

Absolute Abs
15 minutes intensely focused on core strength.

Cardio Conditioning
A class guaranteed to keep you on your toes. Mark uses a variety of different cardiovascular and muscle strengthening techniques to give your body the challenge it needs.

Intro to Sculpt
This class is designed with beginners in mind. With a strong focus on technique and exercise mastery, this class provides a challenge for those new to exercise or unfamiliar with free weights.

An intense cardiovascular workout guaranteed to get your heart pumping. A class full of kicking, punching, and heart-pumping combinations set to motivating music.

Sculpt Challenge
The format of this class will vary, offering bouts of cardio such as jogging, sprinting, lunges, squats, pushups, partner exercises, as well as strength training using body weight exercises and the provided equipment in the group exercise room. Participants are encouraged to pace themselves, but to challenge their bodies by pushing their movement to another level. The class always ends with a 15 minute mindful stretching and breathing segment. Be prepared for a fun, challenging workout!

Total Body Blast
This cardio class offers a unique blend of cardio, plyometrics, strengthening and sculpting. Total Body Blast is a unique addition to your workout routine, as it will mix things up and help you get the results you've been looking for!

This popular Latin dance-based aerobics class is guaranteed to get your heart racing. A highly motivating class set to great music.

Indoor Cycling

Super Spin

Indoor Cycling
Intervals of speed, tempo, timing, and rhythm are designed to push you to the limit and exercise within 65-90% of our maximum heart rate. Requires a substantial fitness base.

Open Spin
Does the Philadelphia weather have you stuck indoors? Put more Spin in your Schedule! FitLife offers open spin hours in addition to our class offerings. Members may use our spinning studio without an instructor.

*Please bring your own music and headphones as our sound system will be turned off during these sessions.


Boost your energy with a variety of moderate to high intensity cardiovascular exercises, muscular endurance drills and core strengthening exercsies.

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