Family Swim

Join us for Family Swim, open to FitLife members and their children! With a lifeguard on duty, spend safe, fun, quality time with your family on two Sundays per month during the hours of 1:00 – 5:00pm. Family Swim dates are always posted online, and throughout our facility.

Keep in mind the following dates to take part in the next FitLife Family Swim:

  • September 8th

For your safety, and to ensure you and your family have the best Family Swim experience, please be mindful of these policies:

  • Family Swim is open to members and their children only. Extended family and friends are not permitted to participate.
  • No diapers are permitted in the pool. This includes swim diapers. All children in the pool must be completely "potty trained."
  • Please bring your own towels to Family Swim. FitLife towels will not be provided.
  • We encourage everyone to have fun, but please no running or horseplay. Use of water weights is prohibited, but children are welcome to use our noodles, kickboards, and swimmers.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Parents are required to remain in the pool area while children are swimming. Children ages 7 and under must also be accompanied into the locker rooms.
  • Please change small children in the locker rooms, not in the pool area.
  • For their safety, children participating in Family Swim are not permitted in or around the whirlpool, not even their feet for risk of slipping. The whirlpool is for adult use only.
  • Please remember to sign in both upstairs at the front desk and again in the Family Swim Log Book by the pool. If your children have never participated in Family Swim before, please be sure to complete a participant consent form for them.

Thank you for your adherence to these policies. We hope you enjoy Family Swim.