Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Monday - Friday Saturday and Sunday
5:00am - 9:00pm 7:00am-6:00pm

I would like to become a member, what are your membership rates?

We are happy to provide you with membership pricing over the phone, by email, or in person. Give us a call, send an email to, or stop by anytime for a tour of our facility! Check out the membership section of our website to learn more about what FitLife offers.

I am NOT a member, can I come in as a guest?

Yes! We welcome non-members to use our facility by presenting a guest pass, or by purchasing a One Day Guest Pass for a fee of $20.00 per day. Currently, we are asking all of our members and guests to be COVID-19 vaccinated for entry. Please see our front desk to purchase a pass and present your proof of vaccination. We will also ask you to complete a participant consent form before you begin your workout.

Are there limitations on what I can do in the facility as a guest?

As a guest, you may utilize all of the equipment in the fitness center, attend any classes during the same day that you are a guest, and use the pool and whirlpool. However, due to time and space limitations, guests are unable to utilize personal training services, or swimming lesson services. Our massage services are available to you as a guest at any time. Please contact one of our massage therapists to schedule.

I AM a member, can I bring a guest?

Yes! As a FitLife member, you may purchase guest passes for friends or family for a fee of $10.00 per pass. Please see our front desk to purchase as many passes as you would like. You may also bring a guest with you for the same fee of $10.00 per guest. Your guest will be asked to complete a participant consent form before they begin their workout, and present their proof of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Can children join the gym?

Children under 13 years of age are only permitted to participate in programs designated specifically for children such as Family Swim, swimming lessons, and childcare.
Children 13-15 years of age:
A parent or guardian must be present during the child’s workout and the participant must have completed a 30 minute personal training session with one of our exercise physiologists to ensure safe and effective use of the facility.

Children 16-17 years of age:
A parent or guardian must have signed the participant’s consent form. The parent or guardian does not have to be a member or be present for the individual to workout.

When is lap swimming available?

Lap swimming in the lap lane is available during all open hours with the exception of during our Aquacize classes each week. Please refer to our class schedule for details. Also, Aquatic Physical Therapy operates from 9:00am-3:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm-3:00pm. During this time, the lap lane is available. The pool area is closed daily 30 minutes before the rest of the facility closes.

How big is the pool?

One length of the FitLife pool is 18.3 meters, and one lap is 36.6 meters. To swim to a mile, you would need to swim 88 lengths, or 44 laps. The depth of the pool varies from 3.5 feet to 5 feet.
Other great facts about the pool:
  • We use bromine to treat our pool, instead of chlorine. The use of bromine is beneficial to many people with naturally sensitive skin, as it tends to be less harsh than chlorine on your skin, hair and clothing.
  • The pool is heated! The temperature of the pool stays at approximately 87 degrees Fahrenheit year-round!
  • Our pool is handicap accessible in a couple of ways: there is a ramp going into the water that is nearly the length of the entire pool, and there is a chair lift for anyone unable to use the ramp or stairs into the water.

Do you have a sauna or steam room?

Unfortunately, we do not have a sauna or steam room. However, our whirlpool is always open and is heated between 104 and 106 degrees. 

I would like to schedule a massage, who do I contact?

Please contact Elisabeth directly to make an appointment. Elisabeth can be reached at 267-205-4811.

Are you affiliated with Silver Sneakers?

We are not currently affiliated with the Silver Sneakers program.  However, we do participate with Global Fit and Healthy Lifestyles.

I would like to give someone a gift, do you sell gift certificates?

We sure do! Give us a call, or stop by our front desk to purchase a gift certificate, in any amount, good towards a FitLife membership or service.